Hood Insulation Pad – 1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ

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Today, we are installing a hood insulation pad on our 1998 Jeep Cherokee, part number TNT-HIN-330, available on our website here. Check out our Youtube video for more installation tips and tricks!

Tools You’ll Need To Install Your Hood Insulation Pad

This is the most difficult hood pad to install that we offer, due to the side latches. Luckily, we only needed two tools during our install on our Jeep Cherokee XJ. We used a pair of needle-nose pliers, and a trim removal tool.

Prepping For Installation

If your Jeep Cherokee XJ still has the original insulation, use the trim tool to remove the clips. Do not bother saving the old clips; they are brittle and will most likely break while removing them. We include brand new clips with the replacement insulation for easy installation. Once you’ve removed the clips, remove any fiberglass that sticks to the underside of the hood. In order to avoid trapping moisture with the new pad installed, wipe down and dry the under side of the hood.

Then, remove the extension spring from the hood latch rod with your pliers. You will find the spring on the passenger side of the hood latch. Use your hands to remove the rod from the two retainers that run across the hood. Simply expand the clip, and remove the rod. Only take the rod out of the clips, the clips themselves will not be removed from the hood. Be careful, these clips can be brittle and can break if forced.

Extension Spring Removal
Hood Latch Rod Removal

Next, using your pliers, remove the hood latch rod from the passenger side latch. It helps that you just removed the center section of the rod; otherwise this step would be much more difficult. The rod forms a U shape, and will come out with a good tug of your pliers. The rod will now be hanging as shown in the pictures below.

Hood Rod Being Removed From Hood Latch
Hood Latch Rod Hanging Down

Finally, using your trim removal tool, remove the two retainers that hold the cable running to your hood release. These may be underneath your original insulation.

Installing Your New Hood Insulation Pad

To begin reinstalling your new hood insulation, first find the simple orientation. The black “skin” side of the hood pad will face the engine. Roughly line up the cutouts based upon the latch notches, prop rod notches, and other noticeable perforations in the pad. Then, run the hanging rod through the drivers side opening where the hood release cable meets the latch rod. The drivers side latch rod will be underneath the hood pad, and the passenger side latch rod will be over the hood insulation, as shown in the picture below. It is recommended to have two people to install this hood insulation.

Install New Hood Insulation Pad
Hood Insulation Orientation

Then, install a couple of clips provided to secure the hood insulation once you have found it’s simple orientation. You can then follow the previous steps in reverse order. Reinstall the hood release cable clips; there will be cutouts in the hood insulation that line up with these. Next, use your pliers to reinstall the hood latch rod into the passenger side latch. Press the hood insulation onto the latch rod retainers, and push the rod into the retainers. Finally, install your extension spring, and use the rest of the clips provided to secure the hood pad.

Reinstalling Hood Latch Rod
Reinstall Extension Spring
New Hood Insulation Pad

Finally, enjoy knowing that your engine bay looks clean, and well taken care of. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via call, text, or email. This information can all be found on our website. Be sure to Like Us On Facebook and Subscribe to our Youtube Channel, where you’ll find videos of all the projects we have going on. To watch an installation video, click Here. And as always, it is a pleasure having you with us again.